Improve your Brand with a Custom Healthcare Banner Design

Healthcare Banner Design, Flags, and Exhibits

Healthcare facilities (hospitals, surgery centers, rehab centers, and medical campuses) all want to create environments that evoke confidence and competence to visitors, staff, and the community at large. When it comes to graphics, signage, banners, and exhibits, quality really matters.

Displaying Your Healthcare’s Brand

Swirling Silks specializes in custom banners, flags, and interior/exterior graphics for wayfinding, information, education, and marketing of services. From entrances and waiting areas to wellness environments, we create banners, flags, and displays that help visitors, staff, and the public to enjoy a positive experience with your healthcare brand. From the streets and parking facilities at a hospital to interior environments of all kinds, Swirling Silks installs hanging, wall-mounted, portable, self-standing, and other graphics for virtually every conceivable space (lightpole flags along streets, entry atriums, information centers, cafeterias, rehab facilities, construction site graphics, donor walls and much more)

We help create beautiful signage for healthcare organizations of all types. This includes pole flags, banner systems, and wayfinding to express the visual personality. What emotion do you want to construe for your hospital and facilities? For over 30 years, Swirling Silks has provided a full range of large format printing, custom banners, and exhibits for hospitals and the health and wellness community.

Branding and Graphics Recommendations for Your Healthcare Business:

  • Custom Banners and Flag Systems
  • Architectural Graphics and Displays
  • Signage and Wayfinding
  • Portable Exhibits
  • Event Graphics
  • Permanent and Semi-permanent Exhibits
  • Donor Recognition Solutions
  • Information Displays

Celebrate your school’s brand.
Celebrate your school’s achievements.
Celebrate your school’s vision.

Increasing Your Brand Awareness with Healthcare Banner Design

Trusted by hospitals big and small, rural and urban, Swirling Silks can make virtually any banner or flag you need. From high-visibility banners that dominate a large space to flags for light poles and streetscapes, we design, print, and manufacture custom flags and banners of every type – printed or custom fabrication using fabrics and specialty materials.

Graphics and displays express your healthcare brand. It is important to imprint your brand across your facilities, indoors and outdoors. From entrances and parking facilities to common areas, we help you celebrate history and achievements while showcasing capabilities, innovations, and people. We fabricate in the USA and work with hospitals and healthcare design firms.

Choosing the Right Materials for Your Healthcare Banner Design

Swirling Silks is here to help you craft banners, flags, and exhibits that are worthy of your brand, heritage, and vision. Impress visitor expectations with high-quality exhibits and displays that tell your brand’s story in a memorable and beautiful way.

Great design and smart material choices help to reinforce your brand’s quality and professionalism. Wear and tear is an important factor for portable versus permanent display decisions; a fabric display hanging over your information desk has different requirements than displays around your emergency entrance. Let us guide you to make the right choice to the proper specifications.

Instill Brand Confidence and Competence

Help patients, visitors, staff, and your community experience your healthcare brand in a way that feels positive, trustworthy, and honest. Showcase capabilities, success stories, individuals and more. Be an authority for trust and confidence with professional displays and exhibits. With Swirling Silks, your healthcare banner design and brand will command attention and earn positive perceptions.

For Brand Recognition, Trust the Experience of Swirling Silks

We design and manufacture everything from portable interior exhibits to giant graphics that span multiple floors or cover largescale walls. When you need to go really big, Swirling Silks can deliver a solution with dramatic impact. Contact us today for a quote!

Sue McManus

Sue’s love of color has always drawn her to vibrant flags and dynamic banners. She also has always loved the energy from community events, festivals, music happenings, etc. When Sue isn’t busy curling up with a good book, she enjoys tapping into her creativity to think beyond the outside of the box

After her first trade show, she knew a career with Swirling Silks would allow Sue to connect all of her passions. She finds joy in helping clients communicate their message, whatever it may be, with signs, lighting, vibrant colored graphics, etc. Even if she doesn’t help you create your next custom flag or custom banner, she hopes the blogs help you learn a few things she has experienced in her time with Swirling Silks. Contact the author to discuss your next custom advertising banner or flag.

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