POP Display Design and Fabrication

Point-of-Purchase Products & Graphics

Point of Sale Displays, Signs and Graphics

  • POP Entry Signs and Window Graphics
  • Endcap POP Signs
  • Counter Mats and Checkout Signs
  • Hanging Retail Signs and Banners
  • Window Cling
  • Adhesive Vinyl Graphics
  • Floor Graphics

Window Cling, Lightweight Rigid Foam, Fabric and more

Window Cling Prints and Graphics
Window Cling Prints and Graphics
Standee displays in any shape you need.
Standee displays in any shape you need.
Floor Graphics
Floor Graphics

Point-of-Purchase Design and Fabrication

Window Cling Graphics

Easy to install, window cling graphics deliver sophisticated visual impact for retailers where marketing in their windows is vital to merchandising sales. Retail stores in malls, mall corporations, outdoor shopping centers and any other business with high-visibility windows use Window Cling graphics for seasonal marketing, vibrant sales images and more.

Window Cling Graphics – Design and Printing

Adhesive Vinyl Graphics

Adhesive vinyl is durable, allows for light cleaning without solvents and can provide years of service outside in the elements.  We can provide expert guidance and material selection for any situation where you need Vinyl graphics. From vehicle fleets to large wall installations to water towers and new signage, Swirling Silks is a veteran supplier for adhesive vinyl graphics.

Basic features include

  • Single sided
  • Permanent or removable
  • Perfect for indoor or outdoor use
  • Least expensive way to replace old sign faces on flat/rigid materials
Window Cling UV-resistant Fabrication

Standees & Countertop

Swirling Silks is a custom manufacturer and supplier of standees and giant cutouts for the trade. We serve restaurant chains, sports and entertainment brands and the beverage industry.  We can CNC machine almost any shape and we offer a variety of pre-set shapes and sizes. We provide material options that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.  Talk to us about professional standee and cutout manufacturing and fabrication.

Standee Marketing life size cutouts

Floor Graphics

Floor decals have exploded in popularity due to their unique position. From advertising messages to social distancing markers and floor safety alerts, custom floor graphics are everywhere. All of the big retailers have them as a fundamental component of their in-store marketing and way-finding. Grocers and pharmacies, ticketing entrances, and even outdoor sidewalks can have messages to help market and manage your environment.

Floor Graphics

Hanging Displays & Custom Penant Strings

Quality hanging displays and banners (even extra large banners) are one of our featured products. As craftspeople serving the graphic arts trades, branding and advertising agencies we take pride in the quality of our work for you and your organization, your client’s brands or property.  We are a trusted partner to big box stores brands, grocers and drug stores, fashion retailers, the food and beverage industry and other marketing-heavy brands and stores.  From the simplest hanging banners to light box wraps to custom shapes, Swirling Silks has  hanging point of purchase solutions that are of the highest-quality while remaining cost-efficient.

Hanging Point of Purchase Displays

Point of Purchase Printing & Fabrication


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Email us directly about your needs.

FAQs – Point-of-purchase Displays & Signage

Lead times depend on your material choices and fabrication / imaging technique.  If we are direct-printing onto a corrugated poly board with an easel back, those can be turned very fast.  Custom CNC standees take a little longer but are still turned pretty fast.   For high-volume POP orders we are efficient and are capable of serving orders to large retailers with national locations.

We provide the visually printed components to heavy duty POP displays such as those one might use for displaying hardwood floor samples, paint displays at a big box store or in the tool section for displaying power tools.

Our products focus on banner, lightweight rigid and portable soft signage and point-of-sale products.

POP displays come in all sorts of shapes to help retailers sell and inform customers and visitors.

  • Supplement your seasonal sales
  • Showcase discounts or coupons
  • Advertise promotions
  • Increase brand presence
  • Boost retail sales
  • Informational Displays for offices and healthcare waiting rooms
  • Counter displays for government offices and services
  • Free-Standing Display Units
  • Counter Display Units
  • Display Packs & Display Stands
  • Hanging panels
  • Aisle Endcap Displays