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Step and Repeat Backdrop for Events
Custom Backdrop Design & Manufacturing

Custom Backdrops and Brand Walls for Special Events, Red Carpet Entrances and more

Backdrops for events to concerts and any space where you a great photo background that can showcase your brand, a charity and so much more. We’ll guide you through the process of choosing the right material, printing process, shipping, etc to make sure your backdrop is perfect for your event.

Printing & Materials

  • Fabric backdrops printed on high quality polyester. Structural backdrops come in a variety of substrates.  Swirling Silks recommends fabric backdrops for use as a photo background because it is less reflective
  • Fabric or panels attach easily with Velcro® (on frame and print) or with built-in fasteners on structural backgrounds
  • Minimal or No assembly needed on many backdrop units
  • Aluminum unit are excellent for individuals because they expand and contract easily
  • Tabletop, Full Height, Backlit and Extra long or large backdrops
  • Lightweight, soft side black travel bags included with fabric models. Structural units come with dedicated storage cases
  • Solid black hard case on wheels available for fabric background units
  • Lights and other accessories to complete your display are sold separately and come in a variety of lighting styles.
Extra Large Curved Exhibit Backdrop

Event Backdrops. Sponsor Backdrops. Red Carpet Backdrops. Concert Stage Backdrops. What kind of backdrop can we help you make?

photo and event wall backdrop

Event and Red Carpet Backdrops

Step and repeat style backgrounds for brand walls and photo backdrops at events come in any size and a variety of fabric/substrate options.  They can be lightweight and portable or substantial architectural structures or walls.

Giant Outdoor Banners and Backdrops

Festival, Concert and Stadium Complete Graphic Solutions.

Banners, Giant wall graphics, flags, wayfinding signage, large portable graphic walls or barrier banners.  Hanging or stand-mounted or stretched fabric over an expandable frame.  We have solutions that are ready to travel, be stored and last for years. Talk to us about some of the events and stadium customers we work with now!

Custom Exhibits for Stages, Vendors

Trade Show Exhibit Backdrops

Few things have the dramatic impact of a well-designed backdrop or structural background.  Stunning image quality, durable, washable materials and long-lasting quality, our exhibit backdrops come in sizes that range from a community event where small booths are the norm up to major exhibit backgrounds common at large conventions and shows.  We can help you make a big impact with the right backdrop or exhibit solution.

The right materials, fabrication method and installation!

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Large Backdrops and Backgrounds for Any Venue or Event

Backdrop Sizes
  • 5 x 8 Feet — Suitable for small events or even an in-office or entry display and other circumstances where you want a background good 1 or 2 people to stand in front for photos.
  • 8 x 8 Feet  – Good for up to 4-5 persons in a single photo. This is a common size for conferences and trade shows.
  • 12 x 8 Feet – For large events such as graduations, weddings, sports teams and corporate group photos. Also for photo sessions and professional photography.
  • 20 x 8 Feet – The largest backdrop we make. Suitable for photographing very large groups or creating walls for entry into an event where you want a lot of drama and visual impact.
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Backdrop Material Options

There are two materials available for our custom backdrops: standard and premium vinyl custom backdrops.

Standard 13 oz. Vinyl

  • More affordable option
  • Has great tear-resistance and tensile strength
  • Can last up to 3-5 years in the outdoors
  • Comes in matte finish

18 oz. Matte Vinyl

    • Stronger and smoother than the standard option
    • Also available in matte finish and can last up to 5 years outdoors
    • Fungus-resistant and tear-resistant
    • Comes with a tensile strength of 285 x 239 lbs per inch
installation mechanic Icon
Backdrop Printing, Mounting Frames and other Options
  • Custom printed with your desired background. We can help you with design if you want expert help.
  • Dispersal ink or dye sublimation depending on the backdrop material.
  • Available in vinyl and tension fabrics
  • Optional pole pockets or grommets for hanging
  • Optional stands in various sizes.
  • Architectural backdrops and backgrounds that are self-standing with aluminum frames.
  • Custom sizes available

FAQs about Backdrops

For one or two people the 5 x8 background is perfect and easy to stow away.

For 4 and maybe 5 people the popular 8×8 foot background works well.  It’s also easy to store and is ideal for many trade show events.

Above 5 people start thinking big.  How versatile do you need it to be? If you are a photographer or event manager, it might be better to get a small and a large backdrop — you could use both together or just the one you need for a specific event.

Yes. For needs where inclement weather is a significant risk, we recommend printing your backgrounds on vinyl.  Vinyl can stand up not only to wind and rain, but also can be lightly cleaned if you happen to get one dirty — you mountain bike race and mud run events know who you are. For outdoor red carpet events where backgrounds get infrequent – but important use – you can feel safe bringing a tension fabric background outside.

In most circumstances a single person can transport even our largest fabric backdrops using the portable cases and bags we recommend for protecting your backdrop when stored.  Generally two people are useful when assembling the background – especially when it is a background that has a cross-bar flanked by two tall tripods.