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Outside Advertising Flags, Banners, Easels, Barricades & More!

Outdoor Advertising Display Products

  • Parking Signs
  • Real Estate Signs
  • Restaurant Signs
  • Additional portable signage, banners and frames

Command attention on a street front, sidewalk, campus, golf course, event grounds and any other place you need people to pay attention! All of our outdoor advertising products can be customized with branding, messages or other advertising. Contact us to determine that a product will serve your needs. We offer fade-resistant products, washable products, impact-resistant products and barrier-grade products.

Building Banner Installation
Building Banner Installation
Large Barrier / Event Banner and Frame
Large Barrier / Event Banner and Frame
Custom Outdoor Easel Signs
Custom Outdoor Easel Signs

A Complete Advertising Displays for Outdoor Use

Types of Outdoor Advertising Flags

Our outdoor advertisement flags are highly customizable, allowing businesses to display their logos, slogans, or vibrant graphics to create a visually striking impact. With their tall and dynamic presence, these flags effectively capture the attention of passersby, making them an excellent choice for boosting brand visibility and attracting potential customers.

Blade and Flutter Advertising Flags

Outdoor Flutter Flags for Advertising

Our traditional flutter flags offer a range of sizes and shapes, and design options including solid colors, stripes, panels, messages and full custom flags.

Also known as attention flags, they are designed to go on our fiberglass telescoping poles, and are best used in semi-permanent installations. In addition to the standard pole sleeve, these custom outdoor ad flags can be finished with canvas header and grommets to be flown on a traditional flag pole.

Outdoor Blade Advertising Flags

Blade flags are perfect for advertising outside. These flags are tall and slender and made from durable materials like polyester or nylon.

They are designed to withstand outdoor conditions and can be used in various settings such as trade shows, storefronts, or outdoor events.


There are many creative ways to use teardrop advertising flags that appear welcoming and friendly. They are frequently used for property openings and sporting events.


The razor flag is among the most popular advertising flags. They offer lots of space to make a bold statement and still have room for more detailed messages and content.


Rectangle ad flags offer a huge canvas to create your promotion, brand graphic or message. Rectangular flags are top-rated advertising displays used by universities, arenas, hospitals, parks and more.


A unique advertising flag is the sabre flag. Also known as a shark fin flag, they are used for everything entertaining and fun. Festivals and arenas, sporting events, stadiums, parks and more use Shark Fin flags to feel modern and energetic.

premium blade flags

Not sure which outdoor advertising flag is right for you? Our custom flag experts can provide valuable insight and experienced advice! Call our team today:

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One Sided or Two-Sided Advertising Flags

Single-sided flags and double-sided flags are two common variations of advertising flags, each offering unique advantages depending on specific marketing goals and requirements.

Single-Sided Flags for Outdoor Advertising

These customized advertising flags feature graphics and messaging on one side, with the back side typically remaining blank or showing a mirrored image. They work well in situations where visibility is predominantly from one direction, such as when placed against a wall or along a single-sided pathway.

One Sided Mirror Flag
Double sided flag

Double-Sided Flags for Outside Environments

Two-sided advertising flags are designed to display graphics and messaging on both sides, ensuring visibility and impact from multiple directions. These advertisement flags are often constructed with two layers of fabric, allowing the message to be read correctly from either side. The advantage of double-sided flags is their enhanced visibility; they are highly effective in outdoor environments, open spaces, or areas with heavy foot traffic. They are particularly useful for storefronts, street advertising, or outdoor events where capturing attention from different angles is crucial. If messages, logos or words should not be displayed backwards, then a two-sided banner will be the right choice.

Outdoor Flag Materials

Popular Flag Materials

  • Vinyl (Many varieties)
  • Mesh – Wind resistant
  • Synthetic – Lightweight
  • Wovens / Fabrics

NEW Materials

  • Metallics
  • Fluorescent / Hi-Impact
  • Windproof
  • UV-Resistant / Sunbrella

Accessories for Flutter and Feather Flags

Mounting Options

  • Telescoping Flag Pole
  • 18 inch Ground Stake
  • Plastic WaterBase (fill and empty for lightweight transport)
  • Tire Mount Base

Durable and Versatile

Our advertising flag kits are durable and made for outdoor use, but we highly recommend taking them inside during high winds or severe weather to protect your items from being damaged.

Popular and Custom Shapes Available

Flutter Flags for Real Estate, Sales Announcements and more
Real Estate & Property Sales, Entrances, Street Visibility
Custom flutter flag maker
Rectangular Flutter Flags
Flutter Flags for Churches, Schools and Storefronts
Flutter Flags for Churches, Schools and Storefronts

Custom Outdoor Advertising Signs FAQ

Outdoor flags come in various types, each designed for specific purposes and conditions. To distinguish between the different types of custom flags that we sell, we’ve named them after their shapes. Our most popular custom flag banners include feather flags, rectangle flags and tear-drop flags. All of our flags are suited for indoor and outdoor use. Contact us to determine which flag type is best for you!

With diligent maintenance and appropriate storage of your outdoor advertising flag, it can endure for 2+ years. However, prolonged exposure to intense sunlight, road debris, salt, or other severe weather conditions can lead to a gradual decrease in vibrancy and image quality.

If your advertising flag is consistently exposed to daily sunlight and the elements, you may notice fading and a decline in image quality within a year, although the exact timeline may vary based on its positioning and the specific environmental exposure it faces.

We can typically turn flags around in two days after proof approval. Once the artwork is approved, the flags are printed, finished and ready to ship the next day. With overnight shipping you can have your flags in as little as two business days. We offer several shipping speed options to suit your needs. In short, if you need them fast, we can get them to you fast.

Many of our flags can be used in inclement weather. Generally, when they are dry, your flags can be stored folded neatly in a cool dry place. The biggest risk during storage is snagging, tearing or ripping of the flag itself. Assuming you are careful about how you store your flag you should find them durable and capable of lasting several years. Some flags can be washed. Discuss that with the Swirling Silks sales team for details.

Absolutely. Our professional designers will help you create your design as quickly as they can. This wait for your first revision will never be more than one business day but is typically much faster. Many of our customers contact us, have a free design and checkout all on the same day!

When it comes to rigid signage, we offer outdoor sign fabrication options such as corrugated plastic, rigid polypropylene board, aluminum, or frames designed for interior banners (ideal for messages that require frequent changes within a single frame). Popular attachment methods for banner-signs include zip ties and other user-friendly options.

For flags, we typically use 4 oz. polyester as the primary material. Polyester stands out for its combination of strength and durability while remaining lightweight. Additionally, printing artwork on polyester results in sharp and vivid graphics. While polyester is the standard choice, we do provide alternative materials. Please feel free to contact us to ensure you select the right material to meet your specific needs.

“Harsh” is a word that covers a wide range. Depending on your timeline, location, weather conditions and graphics needed, the decision for YOUR sign/banner material may differ depending on the need. Traditionally, aluminum bases, PVC and certain vinyl materials are steady performers that add durability to the toughest environments. Discuss your outdoor signage situation and expectations before deciding on a material.

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