Building Banners & Billboards
Fabrication & Installation

Design your own wall banner from a Custom Flag Maker
Oversize Building Graphics and Banner Printing

Building Banners and Billboards in Any Size

Dramatic oversize banners and wraps for buildings, billboards and more. Swirling Silks can help you identify the right material, tailor your design to the architecture or billboard and manage installation. Not sure where to start? City codes or other unknown questions? We can help!

Screen printed flag graphic for schools
giant field flag banner held by over 100 people

Are you ready to Go BIG? We can help.

Large Custom Building Banners
Large Custom Building Banners
Outdoor Building Banners
Outdoor Building Banners
giant printed wall banner at the Wharton School
Extra Large Banners – Printing to Installation
The right materials, fabrication method and installation!

Big, Bigger and Gigantic Banners.
Get advice from our oversize printing pros.

From the first call,
We’re here to impress!

Large Backdrops and Backgrounds for Any Venue or Event

Banner Fabrication
  • Digitally printed & finished
  • Screen printed & finished
  • Sewing and Reinforcement
  • Custom shapes
  • Glued and Taped
  • Grommets & Pole Pockets
  • Banner Design Consulting
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Oversize Banner Materials
  • Canvas & Natural Materials
  • Synthetics
  • Polypropylene
  • Vinyl
  • Stretch
  • Windproof
  • Washable
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Delivered and Installed
  • Indoor or Outdoor Banner Solutions
  • Capable of High Volume Manufacturing
  • Durable Mounting Systems
  • Difficult Installations Welcome
  • Stadiums & Auditoriums
  • Building Facades
  • Licensed & Insured Installers

FAQs about Building Wraps and Giant Prints