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Exhibit Design. Tension Fabric Structures

From Custom Trade Show Exhibits to Tabletop Displays

Exhibit Solutions for trade shows and retail environments can be portable by one person or portable by plane. Seriously. Not everyone needs a show-stopping architectural space with LCD screens, backlighting and counters. Maybe a 100 foot long wall installation is a little too big for you.  But when you need that, we can do that too. Tell us what you need and how you want it to perform in the real world and we will help you put together the perfect trade show system for you — For many of you it could just be one to three items around a tabletop setup.  We can help you do a lot with a simple exhibit plan.

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Exhibit Custom Design

Portable Exhibits. Fabric Exhibits. Tabletop Exhibits.

Curved Backwall Exhibit with Two Retractable Banners
Curved Backwall Exhibit with Two Retractable Banners

Simple setups like this curved back wall flanked on each side by a retractable 8 foot tall banner are available in a variety of exhibit configurations.  The modularity of todays exhibits allows Swirling Silks to deliver stunning results that years ago were only available to large corporations and retailers.  Today, any brand seeking a trade show environment can access truly amazing solutions.  Swirling Silks can help you get to some great options fast. And we can help you all the way from concept through design and fabrication.

Exhibit Towers with LCD Screens
Exhibit Towers with LCD Screens

Suitable for use in any indoor environment where you want to display looping video, interactive presentations or simply rotate messages. From trade show exhibits to shopping malls and any place where you want a dominant architectural component to bring focus to a screen.  Commonly used in hospitals and hotels for  additional wayfinding and general information.

Custom Exhibits for Stages, Vendors
Backlit Backwall Exhibit Display

Backlit fabric walls as well as side or top lighting exhibit walls are available in sizes that range from simple 8 foot falls to gigantic 100 feet walls.  Digital printing is now available in the commercial trade space  that has become so efficient that the potential to get really big — for a reasonable price is now a reality.  So, don’t limit your imagination or your impact and thing as big as you want to.  Swirling Silks helps brands like your who want a partner experienced with the latest in extra large format digital printing and fabrication. We have worked with brands of all kinds to create valuable trade show and retail environments that deliver long-term value.

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Trade Show and Retail Exhibit Design and Fabrication

Trade Exhibit Fabrication
  • Digitally printed & finished
  • Screen printed & finished
  • Sewing and Reinforcement
  • Custom shapes
  • Glued and Taped
  • Grommets & Pole Pockets
  • Banner Design Consulting
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Trade Show Exhibits
  • Canvas & Natural Materials
  • Synthetics
  • Polypropylene
  • Vinyl
  • Stretch
  • Windproof
  • Washable
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Delivered and Installed
  • Indoor or Outdoor Banner Solutions
  • Capable of High Volume Manufacturing
  • Durable Mounting Systems
  • Difficult Installations Welcome
  • Stadiums & Auditoriums
  • Building Facades
  • Licensed & Insured Installers

FAQs for Exhibits and Displays

The most important thing about caring for your exhibit is to assemble and disassemble things patiently and carefully. For things like tension fabrics, folding the fabric after use and stowing in its container or sleeve is the most important factor in care.  For rigid panel graphics, you can clean lightly with warm water. Avoid chemicals on any image surface unless expressly given instructions that you can — such as with certain laminates.

Yes we are!   We serve agencies, design firms, brand management companies and other graphic arts vendors nationwide to design and fabricate exhibits. We work with corporations, media company, event, motion picture, consumer products and school brands to create ‘on-brand’ exhibit solutions and displays. Talk to us to get a sense of our deep experience in exhibit fabrication.

We do. We can help you plan and construct custom exhibits with graphics, multiple materials, surfaces and even interactive screens and video displays.  We have exhibit designers and architects who can help you create your dream exhibit.