100 mph Flagpoles & Hardware

Important 100 mph Flagpole Features

  • Many finishes available / custom colors
  • Sun and corrosion resistance
  • Weather and extreme wind resistance
  • Quiet halyards  (you’ll know when they aren’t)
  • Lightning Safe: does not conduct electricity, does not attract lightning, does not require grounding.

Fiberglass Flagpoles

Premium professional 100 mph flagpoles for use in any environment where beauty, wind-resistance and ease-of-use is paramount.

HalyardExposed HeightButt DiameterTop DiameterSuggested Flag SizeFlagged Wind Speed# of Sections
T-20External20'4 1/4"2 3/4"3' x 5'170 mph1
T-20-IHInternal20'4 1/4"2 3/4"3' x 5'170 mph1
T-25External25'4 1/2"2 3/4"4' x 6'150 mph1
T-25-IHInternal25'4 1/2"2 3/4"4' x 6'150 mph1 or 2
T-25-IHLInternal/Large25'4 1/2"2 3/4"4' x 6'160 mph1 or 2
T-30External30'4 7/8"2 3/4"5' x 8'130 mph1 or 2
T-30-IHInternal30'4 7/8"2 3/4"5' x 8'130 mph1 or 2
T-30-IHLInternal/Large30'4 7/8"2 3/4"5' x 8'150 mph1 or 2
T-35External35'5 1/4"2 3/4"6' x 10'120 mph1 or 2
T-35-IHInternal35'5 1/4"2 3/4"6' x 10'120 mph1 or 2
T-35-IHLInternal/Large35'5 1/4"2 3/4"6' x 10'140 mph1 or 2
T-40External40'5 2/3"2 3/4"6' x 10'110 mph1 or 2
T-40-IHInternal40'5 2/3"2 3/4"6' x 10'110 mph1 or 2
T-40-IHLInternal/Large40'5 2/3"2 3/4"6' x 10'130 mph1 or 2

Aluminum Flagpoles – Architectural Series

Flutter flags are one of the best and most popular attention-grabbers for events, businesses, auto dealers and other outdoor advertising and portable signage.

Flutter banner flags are ideal for outdoor events. They can be moved around yet are sturdy when raised in place. Get noticed and increase traffic to your business with new flutter or feather advertising flags.

HalyardExposed HeightButt DiameterTop DiameterWall ThicknessSuggested Flag SizeFlagged Wind Speed# of Sections
EC20External20'5"3"0.1883' x 5'120+ mph1
EC25External25'5 1/2"3 1/2"0.1884' x 6'120+ mph1
EC30External30'6"3 1/2"0.1885' x 8'120+ mph1 or 2
EC35External35'7"3 1/2"0.1886' x 10'120 mph1 or 2
EC40External40'8"3 1/2"0.1888' x 12'120 mph2
EC45External45'8"3 1/2"0.1888' x 12'100 mph2
EC50External50'10"4"0.18810' x 15'115 mph3
EC60External60'12"4"0.2512' x 18'120 mph3
EC70External70'12"4"0.2515' x 25'105 mph3
EC80External80'12"4"0.2520' x 30'105 mph3

Aluminum Flagpoles – Economy Extra Series

Excellent value 100 mph flagpole well-suited for most environments with high-wind resistance approaching hurricane force resistance.

HalyardExposed HeightButt DiameterTop DiameterWall ThicknessSuggested Flag SizeFlagged Wind Speed# of Sections
ECX20External20'5"3"0.1253' x 5'120+ mph1
ECX25External25'5"3"0.1254' x 6'105 mph1
ECX30External30'5"3"0.1255' x 8'85 mph1 or 2
ECX35External35'6"3 1/2"0.1566' x 10'91 mph1 or 2
EC40External40'7"3 1/2"0.1568' x 12'91 mph2
EC50External50'8"3 1/2"0.18810' x 15'85 mph3
EC60External60'10"4"0.18812' x 18'90 mph3
EC70External70'10"4"0.31215' x 25'91 mph3

Aluminum Flagpoles – Special Budget Series

This external halyard flagpole offers a balance of economy, strength and quality. Choose the 100 mph flagpole model that will best suit your requirements.

HalyardExposed HeightButt DiameterTop DiameterWall ThicknessSuggested Flag SizeFlagged Wind Speed# of Sections
ECM15External15'2 3/8"1 7/8"0.143' x 5'101 mph1
ECM20External20'2 3/8"1 7/8"0.143' x 5'76 mph1
ECSS15External15'3"1 7/8"0.1253' x 5'120 mph1 or 2
ECSS20External20'3"1 7/8"0.1253' x 5'85 mph1 or 2
ECSS25External25'3"1 7/8"0.1254' x 6'50 mph2
ECS20External20'3 1/2"2 3/8"0.1253' x 5'96 mph3
ECS25External25'3 1/2"2 3/8"0.1254' x 6'77 mph3
ECS30External30'4"2 3/8"0.1255' x 8'50 mph3
ECS35External35'5"3"0.1566' x 10'76 mph3

Aluminum Flagpoles – Atlas Series

HalyardExposed HeightButt DiameterTop DiameterWall ThicknessSuggested Flag SizeFlagged Wind Speed# of Sections
ECSA20External20'4"2 3/8"0.1253' x 5'110 mph1
ECSA25External25'4"2 3/8"0.1254' x 6'88 mph1
ECXA25External25'5"3"0.1564' x 6'120 mph1
ECXA30External30'5"3"0.1565' x 8'95 mph1 or 2
ECL30External30'5"3"0.1885' x 8'100 mph1
ECA30External30'6"3 1/2"0.1565' x 8'115 mph1 or 2
ECSA35External35'5"3"0.1886' x 10'86 mph1
ECA35External35'7"3 1/2""0.1566' x 10'114 mph1 or 2
ECA40External40'8"3 1/2""0.1568' x 12'110 mph2
ECXA60External60'10"4"0.2512' x 18'76 mph3

Aluminum Flagpoles – Vanguard Series

These types of flagpoles are made with cam rather than a winch that supports the structure more. The specifications are mentioned below, choose the model that will work for you the best.

HalyardExposed HeightButt DiameterTop DiameterWall ThicknessSuggested Flag SizeFlagged Wind Speed# of Sections
ECXV20Internal20'5"3"0.1253' x 5'120+ mph1
ECV20Internal20'5"3"0.1883' x 5'120+ mph1
ECXV25Internal25'5"3"0.1254' x 6'104 mph1
ECXAV25Internal25'5"3"0.1564' x 6'117 mph1
ECV25Internal25'6"3 1/2"0.1884' x 6'120+ mph1
ECXV30Internal30'5"3"0.1255' x 8'75 mph1 or 2
ECXAV30Internal30'5"3"0.1565' x 8'91 mph2 or 3
ECLV30Internal30'5"3"0.1885' x 8'96 mph1
ECAV30Internal30'6"3 1/2""0.1565' x 8'117 mph1
ECV30Internal30'6"3 1/2"0.1885' x 8'120+ mph1
ECSAV35Internal35'5"3"0.1886' x 10'86 mph1
ECXV35Internal35'6"3 1/2"0.1566' x 10'91 mph1
ECAV35Internal35'73 1/2"0.1566' x 10'17 mph1
ECV35Internal35'7"3 1/2"0.1886' x 10'120 mph1
ECXV40Internal40'7"3 1/2"0.1568' x 12'91 mph2
ECAV40Internal40'8"3 1/2"0.1568' x 12'110 mph2
ECV40Internal40'8"3 1/2"0.1888' x 12'120 mph2


Maybe. With all the Swirling Silks advertising flags we offer a pole set. Pole sets can differ from one flag to another. So if you already have a pole set, call us to confirm our flags will work with your pole hardware. Flags and flag sizes are not interchangeable across pole sets. We’ll help you get what you need.

Yes we do. We sell poles and also replaceable hardware for any of the flag types shown on our website. If you don’t see what you need on the site, contact sales, and we’ll get you what you need.

Yes, we sell our flags as standalone items. You don’t have to buy a pole set or any accessories when purchasing a flag. To get just a flag for use with your own hardware or pole sets, contact our sales team to confirm the flag you are ordering matches up in size and mounting hardware.

Yes, we sell flag hardware and flag accessories without having to purchase an actual flag! Contact our sales team to purchase flag poles, mounting hardware, and other flag accessories.

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