Displaying the US Flag

Tips for Displaying the US Flag

Whether your flag is nylon, polyester or cotton, remember, it’s more than just the fabric and thread you’re holding in your hands. The range of emotions it conveys are many and varied. While it’s easy to get anxious on ‘whether you’re doing it right’, put the spirit of celebration, preservation and respect in your corner when deciding how best to display your flag.

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American Flag Etiquette

Displaying the US Flag

To ensure your patriotic pride include, Swirling Silks has put together a list of the following 5 best practices for proper US flag etiquette:

  1. The American flag is never to be flown with the union down, unless signaling as a sign of distress or emergency.
  2. The American flag is not meant to touch the ground, floor, water, or anything else beneath it.
  3. When displaying many flags on 1 halyard (such as states, cities, localities), the US flag should always be at the peak.
  4. The United States of America flag is not to be dipped to any person, figure, or object.
  5. USA flags should never be carried flat or horizontally but always aloft and free.

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How To Display the US Flag

Here are 4 important tips when displaying the flag of the United States of America:

  1. When hanging an American Flag against a wall, vertically or horizontally, the Flag’s union side should be at the top, to the Flag’s own right and the observer’s left.
  2. The flag should not be draped over the hood, top, sides, or back of a vehicle or of a railroad train or a boat.
  3. The flag should not be displayed on a float in a parade except from a staff or as per below when not on a staff.
  4. When displayed either horizontally or vertically against a wall, the union should be uppermost and to the flag’s own right, that is, to the observer’s left. When displayed in a window, the flag should be displayed in the same way, with the union or blue field to the left of the observer in the street.

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How To Display the US Flag

Outdoor US Flag Rules

Whether you are a resident or business, a majority of the flags we see are flown outdoors. There are many rules when adhering to the United States Flag Code, but here are some important ones to consider:

  • Do not let the flag touch the ground
  • The flag is not meant to be carried flat or horizontally but free and aloft.
  • Flags can be left out overnight if properly illuminated during hours of darkness.
  • Hang it with the union on the viewer’s left.
  • Take down the flag with extended inclement weather.

Fun Flag Trivia

Why Does The US Flag Have Stars And Stripes?

According to legend, George Washington interpreted the elements of the flag this way: the stars were taken from the sky, the red from the British colors, and the white stripes signified the secession from the home country.

What Do The Colors Of The Flag Represent?

  • Red: Valor and hardiness
  • White: Purity and innocence
  • Blue: Vigilance, perseverance, and justice.

What Do The US Flag Stars Represent?

The 50 stars of the American flag represent the 50 states.

What Do The Stripes Represent On The US Flag?

There are 13 stripes on the American flag, which represent the original 13 colonies

Why Did The Original Flag Have Stars In The Shape Of A Circle?

13 stars on flag

The stars were in a circle so that no one colony would be viewed above another. It is reported that George Washington said, “Let the 13 stars in a circle stand as a new constellation in the heavens.”

What Is A Vexillologist?

Vexillology is the study of flags. A vexillologist is an expert on flags and ensigns. A vexillum is a military standard or flag used by ancient Roman troops.

Where Is The First Flag?

We have very little definitive information about the first flag. Betsy Ross’s association with the flag arose through an oral history brought to public attention long after the flag’s creation. No actual flag exists that is alleged to have been the first flag created by Ross.

When Was The First Flag Day?

On August 3, 1949, President Harry Truman signed it into law. The day commemorates the adoption of the Stars and Stripes as the official flag of the United States.

Swirling Silks: A Flag Making Company

Flags are used as symbols of patriotism and national pride, but if displayed incorrectly can be regarded as disrespectful. Swirling Silks works with many clients that needed flagpole hardware installation or assistance with proper display of a flag. Either way, we’re ready to help you choose the flag that best works for your needs.

Let our experience and talent bring your ideas to life. If you do not have your own design team, ask us, we can help. If you do have a design team, ask us, we can help! Together we can explore colors, dimension and shapes. Our production capabilities offer various materials, indoor and outdoor and finishing options, so your message can be seen in a variety of settings. We will put together your project with a bow tied around it, and we will do it on time. Good-looking graphics do not have to break the bank.

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