Customized Flags: Any Shape, Size or Quantity

Custom Flag Design and Printing

Swirling Silks can produce custom flags with no limits to size, design or quantity. We are a custom flag design company in Philadelphia, but we can deliver your printed customized flag anywhere in the USA! Our expert flag designers can discuss your situation, and make experienced suggestions to accomplish it.

We know there’s an important message you want to convey with your flags, and we will make sure it gets across on time and within budget. Advertising, decoration, festivals, branding, and more. We extend the reach of your brand wherever it appears. In addition to our custom flag services, we offer a complete line of stock flags. Leave it to the experts at Swirling Silks to satisfy your next custom printed flags project.

custom university pole flags for graduation

Custom Flag Manufacturing

custom printing banner fabrics
Premium-quality & High-durability Custom Flags
Flags in Custom Shapes and Sizes
Flags in Custom Shapes and Sizes
Flag Printing of all Sizes
Flag Printing of all Sizes

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“We ordered 24 six foot silk flags from them after searching for a month for a custom shaped flag company. They turned out gorgeous! They communicated quickly and efficiently and made sure we got exactly what we needed. It was kind of complicated because there were several different designs. It was a pure pleasure working with Swirling Silks and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome!” -J.K.

Delivering Custom Flag Solutions for over 30 Years

Customized Flag Designs and Fabrication

Swirling Silks designs high-quality custom flags using a variety of material and finishing options. The custom flag fabrication materials we use include premium-crafted cloth and fabric, and incorporate appliqués, sewn lettering, embroidery and other decorative features. These are popular at Universities and schools as well as large business campuses and municipalities. Our custom flags can be fabricated in virtually any shape or size for indoor and outdoor use. We are the best flag design company when quality, visual impact and durability are important.

Custom Flags Materials, Details and Fabrication

  • Many Materials including nylon, polyester, vinyl and Sunbrella fabrics
  • Dye Sublimation, Screenprinting, Inkjet & Applique
  • Grommets, pole pockets, webbing, reinforcement, trimmings & decorative accents
  • Any size
Custom Flags and Flagpoles
Custom Flag Shapes

Customized Flags

Popular Flag Materials

  • Vinyl (Many varieties)
  • Mesh – Wind resistant
  • Synthetic – Lightweight
  • Wovens / Fabrics

Special Flag Features

  • Metallics
  • Fluorescent / Hi-Impact
  • Wind Resistant
  • UV-Resistant / Sunbrella

Custom Flags Options

Many fabrics and finishing options available. Here are just some examples of the customized flag options we can create.

Custom Printed Flags

  • Dye Sublimation, Inkjet or Screen printed
  • Any number of colors
  • Excellent detail.
  • No limits to the size or quantities
  • Substrate, Fabric options available

Flag Finishing Options

  • Standard finishing includes a canvas-header and 2-3 grommets depending on the size of the flag
  • Flags can also be produced with pole sleeves to fit any diameter pole
  • Decorative finishes, such as fringe, wooden dowels, or cord and tassel are also available

Single Reverse Flags

  • Reads correctly on front side, reverse print on back side. That means a single short wide like “OPEN” can work well — even when seen in reverse. For longer messages where you desire it to be read from both sides, we recommend double-sided printing.
  • Durable
  • Better flying ability

Double Sided Flags

  • Durable
  • Reads correctly on both sides
  • Two single flags, sewn together with interliner

Popular Custom Flag Requests

Custom Team, Country, or Personalized Flags

Customized Flags for ALL YOUR NEEDS

  • 12″ x 18″ Size
  • Printed on a durable polyester material
  • Single reverse, double-sided, or double-sided with liner
  • Car flags include high quality plastic window arm for easy secure mounting
  • High-volume orders filled routinely
Car Flags – Custom Fabrication

Custom Stick Flags

Promotional Stick Flags – Stock and Custom

  • A variety of sizes
  • Single sided
  • Can be printed on a variety of materials
  • Finished on either a wood staff or a plastic staff
  • Minimum order of 10 flags
Stick Promotional Flags – Stock and Custom

Custom Golf Flags

Greens Flags for Golf Courses

  • 14″ x 20″ size
  • Double-sided or Single sided print (reverse image will show on unprinted side)
  • Attached golf tube (pictured) optional
  • Canvas headers with grommets available
  • Custom applique flags too
Golf Flags – Many Colors, Custom Printed

FAQs — Custom Flags

Customize your flag any way you wish. You can be as simple or as ornate as you desire. Tell us what you need and we can discuss the many options available to you.

Have brand colors you need to match – We color match using PMS colors as a guide. We work to ensure the closest match possible for printed, custom fabricated, sewn and appliqué flags.

Almost. Aside for a pure circle, you can do just about anything — even a semi circle where the straight edge has the grommets for pole mounting. With us, you can make just about anything. Popular shapes like rectangles, squares, extra tall and triangles are all common at Swirling Silks.

Yes, we provide a variety of national flags and stock international flags as well as municipal, state and military flags. We make team flags for sports franchises that go to resellers and the teams themselves. We make both printed and appliqué and embroidered flags where quality and craftsmanship are all-important.

The most costly, heaviest, and typically most durable material is polyester. The second most durable material is nylon, which is likewise excellent for outdoor use. Nylon is the most often used material for flags since it costs significantly less and, in some cases, outperforms polyester. We have a nylon color chart that will provide you with your preferred nylon color.

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