Fun Facts About Flag Day

Flag day became official in August 1949 when Harry Truman signed it into law. Meant to be a celebration and recognition of the stars and stripes, Flag Day is celebrated nationwide in ceremonies, parades, songs, and proud Americans flying their stars & stripes.

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5 Facts About Flag Day

      1. Military uniforms have the flag appearing to be reversed on their shoulder. It’s meant to be that way simulating the flay waving as they march into battle.
      2. The nickname “Old Glory” came from a Massachusetts shipmaster. He shouted, “Old Glory!” when his flag was first opened in the early 1800s.
      3. Currently, the largest American flag in the world is called the Superflag. Weighing in at more than 3,000 pounds and measuring 95 X 130” it requires at least 130 people to move it.
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      5. The current 50-star flag we know was designed by a 1958 high school student in Ohio as part of a class project. Even though President Eisenhower chose his design, the student received a grade of B- from his teacher.
      6. In the opening credit sequence to Gilligan’s Island, there is a flag at half-mast as The Minnow leaves the harbor. These shots from the pilot were filmed on November 22, 1963, the day John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

    Flag Day Fun Fact: Moon Flags

    Due to temperatures ranging from over 100 degrees to -150 degrees Celsius and exposure for 40+ years, the American flags on the moon have turned white.

    There are a total of six of them planted on the moon, one for each Apollo landing. Unfortunately, Apollo 11’s flag fell during the landing module’s exhaust during launch.

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    American Flag Day Facts

    Whether you’re part of an intended celebration, noticing others displaying a flag at their home/business, or others sharing a flag for all to see on their person, here’s to your feeling proud and patriotic.

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