Financial Services Branding: Signage, Wayfinding and More

Bank and credit union Branding

One of the most important aspects of business marketing for banks, credit unions, and other financial organizations is brand signage. There must strike a balance between visibility, confidence, and security — all while exuding the brand personality of the organization. Whether a bank is big and influential or local and friendly, every financial institution brand wants to be perceived as professional — everywhere the brand touches a customer or member.

Financial Institution Branding

The physical signage, directional signs, window cling prints & advertising, banners, property light pole banners & flags all add up to an opportunity to make a big impression. Signs and banners don’t just identify your organization in the real world, they create an impression to the community.

Business brands that take these impressions seriously want to create the best impression with their signs and wayfinding graphics. And that’s where professionals come in. Make a sign too big and it feels clumsy and awkward. Too much signage can feel like shouting and feel aggressive. Striking the right balance to say proudly, “this is us,” requires professional expertise in custom signage, wayfinding, and environmental graphics.

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Credit Union and Bank Branding Tips

Signs, banners, and in-office message/marketing or informational displays go a long way to helping a brand create a real in-person presence. From street signs and parking entrances to drive-thrus to ATM kiosks and more, your business banking signs, banners, and other visual communications are all touching your customers and passersby.

Create a list of all locations with foot traffic and then organize them by priority. This will begin the process of strategically thinking about how people engage with your brand where they do business.

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Banking and Credit Union Signage

Bank and credit union signage can include an incredible array of signage materials and fabrication techniques:

  • Main Entrance Signs — Street signs, building facade signs, roof signs, and panel signs on larger property monuments are some of the first-seen signage for a business.
  • Property Identification Signs — these banking signs are capable of earning attention as subtle or brash as you desire. These could be monument or building signs but they often extend to
  • Property Perimeters — especially when street poles provide an opportunity to brand a streetside, corner, or square. Street pole banners that are classy and understated make an impact by typically repeating the flag or banner in a series of 3 or more street poles. This gives you an opportunity to use something that has high visibility for primary building and entrance signs.
  • Directional Signs — facility parking lots, key points of interest, parking signs, and more.
  • Property Protection Signs — No trespassing, skateboarding, loitering, and other unwelcome activities
  • Pole Banner Signs — From printed vinyl pole banners to custom fabric flags, Swirling Silks is an expert in pole banners with a wide range of high-quality products, materials, and printing methods.

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Signs For Financial Institutions

Professionals like Swirling Silks help sign and banner customers make smart choices that deliver visual impact as well as durability.

  • Building and Floor Directory Signs — Help visitors get where they’re going fast. Directories, Maps, and other vital information can be swapped out with ease with our interior signage solutions for banks.
  • Directional Signs — Customized, high-quality paper insert signs or custom interior signage for credit unions.
  • Office & Room Identification Signs — Permanent signs, and semi-permanent signs for financial businesses.
  • Hanging / Suspension Mount Signs — Big impact. Big visibility in small to ultra-large sizes.

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