What’s the Difference Between a Flag and a Banner?

Difference Between Flag and Banner

Swirling Silks has been in the industry for over 30 years and one question we consistently hear from our customers from all over the country is: what’s the difference between a banner and a flag?

While many use the terms interchangeably, a good guide to lean on has banners being manufactured with a decorated piece of fabric, or other materials, meant to announce, advertise and amplify an event, festival, campus, or location.

Flags are generally constructed with a thinner material that can be both flexible and portable. Typically hanging on a flagpole, they’re also versatile enough to be mobilized as needed. They’re intended to rally support for ideas, ideals, locations, brands, and causes.

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What Are Banners and Flags Used For?

Opportunities to employ both banners and flags include the following:

  • Events – new or ongoing monthly/yearly festivals
  • Locations – new or existing
  • Teams
  • Offices
  • Brands
  • Families
  • Sponsors

The above is a partial list to both broadcast and showcase an upcoming milestone that speaks to a particular audience. Public spaces like gardens, stadiums, parks, and towns leverage their space and visibility providing viewers with information and a style meant to appeal and attract eyes.

Private spaces can use them for the same purposes and also identify personal and corporate highlights announcing location, particular products, and time-specific promotions.

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When Should I Use a Banner Instead of a Flag?

Many businesses and industries including gardens, parks, and museums put custom banners to work for beautification and wayfinding needs. It’s typically hung on a light pole or other elevated stationary locations for broadcasting to many. It can also although can also be mounted on a pole meant for portability and flexible uses.

When Should I Use a Flag Instead of a Banner?

You’ll often see flags announcing arrival at a location or as a rallying cry for a team. They’re also used to announce national or regional identity. Custom flags are also used with personal and corporate affiliations, team spirit as well as identifying preferences for political and patriotic efforts.

The Swirling Silks team is experienced in helping you choose the right product for your needs. We routinely work with our clients to understand the differences between flags and banners.

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The Swirling Silks team is comfortable with those newly tasked with coordinating wayfinding & promotional signage meant to improve branding and improve the environment to increase attendance. Customized banners and customized flags are highly visible tools to increase morale, showcase innovation, and offer inspiration. Trust our banner or flag to act as a rallying cry for attendees, sponsors, and event organizers.

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Sue McManus

Sue’s love of color has always drawn her to vibrant flags and dynamic banners. She also has always loved the energy from community events, festivals, music happenings, etc. When Sue isn’t busy curling up with a good book, she enjoys tapping into her creativity to think beyond the outside of the box

After her first trade show, she knew a career with Swirling Silks would allow Sue to connect all of her passions. She finds joy in helping clients communicate their message, whatever it may be, with signs, lighting, vibrant colored graphics, etc. Even if she doesn’t help you create your next custom flag or custom banner, she hopes the blogs help you learn a few things she has experienced in her time with Swirling Silks. Contact the author to discuss your next custom advertising banner or flag.

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