Customize Your Branding with High-Impact Pole Flags and Banners

Pole banners are hard to miss. We see them every day around towns, colleges, schools, stadiums, malls, shopping centers…Basically, everywhere street signage and property perimeters need clear and classy identification.

Modern Pole Banner Features

Swirling Silks offers durable pole banners that are available to suit almost any environment — even fairly harsh wind and rain locations. Here are some additional modern pole flag features:

  • 600 DPI banner printing offers high-impact graphics including saturation that is nearly as good as screen printing.
  • Dramatize a brand – using the impact of color, size and repetition to suit your business signage, event graphics or property signage needs.
  • Available in a wide range of sizes to fulfill a range of street, campus, venue or business needs.
  • Easy to maintain and store – for seasonal or event banners that aren’t outside all year.

Pole Banners for School Campuses, Streetscapes, Shopping Centers, Parks and More

High-quality pole banners can be incredibly durable and made from a variety of vinyl / PVC fabric materials that range from ultra-lightweight to heavyweight. Appropriate hardware will be specified and can be included with any banner.

Vinyl and PVC Fabric Pole Banners.

Pole flags and banners are ideal for creating long-term outdoor use such as streetscapes in a town where prominent shopping, business or residential districts might be defined by the pole flags surrounding that region. Pole banners act like greeting signs for residents and visitors. Pole Banners are really effective for seasonal events, cultural celebrations, memorials and much more.

Pole banners come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most common materials weights for pole banner manufacturing are 13 oz, 15 oz OR 18oz. However, custom flag shapes can be created using post-print finishing such as cutting, sewing and hemming. With the amazing array of new inks and finished, you can customize subtle or high-impact pole banners as you desire with Swirling Silks.

Today, the most common material for outdoor banners like the ones you see at colleges, town centers, shopping districts and stadiums, is a high-end PVC that is durable (excellent color stability outdoors). Printed PVC street pole banners can be custom-made to a variety of sizes. Swirling Silks offers one or two-sided printed custom flags, delivered with excellent color saturation and detail. Other pole flag materials include a variety of custom options using traditional flag materials.

Pole Banners Are Easy to Maintain, Clean and Store

The new pole flag materials are really forgiving and easy to clean. Just a little warm water and a soft cloth and you can clean most printed banners. Some can even be laundered in cold water. They also resist wrinkling as long as you fold them neatly and store them in a dry place. Once hung, most wrinkles will disappear after a day or two in the wind of a normal day.

Professional Design Pole Banners

High-profile city or town pole banners command attention. Do not leave the design to an amateur. Use a pro. Swirling Silks are professional graphic designers that understand signage contrasts and beautiful branding.

We will have an enormous impact when it comes to helping you choose the right type and size for distance visibility to color. Our exhibit and environmental graphics experience are a wonderful solution. If you have a committee to deal with, a designer like Swirling Silks can often help the committee navigate towards choices with long-term value.

Pole banners are an investment that should last more than a single season. Swirling Silks has 30+ years of experience helping create quality products that endure sun, wind, rain and snow, work with pole banner experts who can help you make smart design, fabrication and manufacturing choices.

Sue McManus

Sue’s love of color has always drawn her to vibrant flags and dynamic banners. She also has always loved the energy from community events, festivals, music happenings, etc. When Sue isn’t busy curling up with a good book, she enjoys tapping into her creativity to think beyond the outside of the box

After her first trade show, she knew a career with Swirling Silks would allow Sue to connect all of her passions. She finds joy in helping clients communicate their message, whatever it may be, with signs, lighting, vibrant colored graphics, etc. Even if she doesn’t help you create your next custom flag or custom banner, she hopes the blogs help you learn a few things she has experienced in her time with Swirling Silks. Contact the author to discuss your next custom advertising banner or flag.

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