Create a Sense of Home – Successful Town Branding

Creating a sense of home

Towns that care for their brands enjoy increased property values, businesses have higher success rates and outsiders visit and spend their money there. Towns that manage their image find it easier to recruit the best people, attract visitors, businesses, investments and events. Express the personality of a place by branding your advertising flags and custom banners.

Brand Outdoor Public Spaces with Advertising Flags

Entrances on major streets or highways and key shopping or cultural districts are a good places to start building your town branding. Thriving cities have been doing this for decades, so they are a great place to get ideas and inspiration.

Custom signage, pole flags, banner systems, and architectural graphics are the most visible ways to express a city’s brand. The best solutions balance visibility with harmony in the environment.

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Think about the upcoming seasons and plan to change street pole graphics accordingly. Focus on high-traffic, high-visibility locations. Incorporate wayfinding signage with your custom banners and advertising flags to help delineate important sections of your city.

Popular Locations for City or Town Branding

We design and manufacture everything from complete streetscapes like light pole flags, shopping district banners, signs and wayfinding, interior exhibits, and informational graphics for public buildings, parks, and places of interest.

Here are some popular locations for successful small-town branding:

  • Municipal and Government districts and buildings
  • Entrances to a town
  • Town Centers – Business & Restaurants
  • Shopping districts & shopping centers
  • Public parks
  • Cultural Centers, Theaters, and Arenas
  • Sports facilities

Popular Products for City or Town Branding

We make high-quality graphic solutions for city and town branding. Custom banners, signage, wayfinding, billboards, and display marketing to promote the civic, event, and seasonal messages for towns and cities. Celebrate what makes your town unique and special. Use outdoor banners and graphics to celebrate your town’s history, achievements, and people. We fabricate in the USA and work with cities as large as Philadelphia. We help towns celebrate everything from historical events to blueberry festivals.

Here are some popular products that we create for city and town branding:

  • Custom Banners and Advertising Flag Systems
  • Architectural Graphics and Displays
  • Signage and Wayfinding
  • Portable Exhibits
  • Custom Event Flags and Graphics
  • Permanent and Semi-permanent Exhibits
  • Donor Recognition Solutions
  • Information Displays

Celebrate your school’s brand.
Celebrate your school’s achievements.
Celebrate your school’s vision.

Successful Small Town Branding with Style and Personality

Create an inviting place for shopping and events. Make your history visible and informative. Build a reputation as a destination for restaurant dining, entertainment, and shopping. Prevent customers from feeling lost or confused. Branded banners, seasonal marketing, event marketing, shopping district branding, wayfinding, displays, and billboards are the solution to many of the concerns above.

Swirling Silks is a custom fabricator for a lot of high-profile pole flags and banners ranging from professional sports like the Philadelphia Phillies complex to travel and tourism outdoor marketing campaigns. We can make virtually any banner or flag you need.

We design, print, and manufacture advertising flags and banners of every type – printed or custom fabrication using fabrics and specialty materials.

The Secret to Successful Town Branding: Sharing Your Personality

Towns that manage their brands in unison help create a sense of home. This consciously and subconsciously creates positive perceptions for residents and visitors. It creates an association and yearning to return.

Swirling Silks is here to help you create complete graphic solutions for your city, town or county. Request a quote for a great design and smart material choices to put your town on the map!

Sue McManus

Sue’s love of color has always drawn her to vibrant flags and dynamic banners. She also has always loved the energy from community events, festivals, music happenings, etc. When Sue isn’t busy curling up with a good book, she enjoys tapping into her creativity to think beyond the outside of the box

After her first trade show, she knew a career with Swirling Silks would allow Sue to connect all of her passions. She finds joy in helping clients communicate their message, whatever it may be, with signs, lighting, vibrant colored graphics, etc. Even if she doesn’t help you create your next custom flag or custom banner, she hopes the blogs help you learn a few things she has experienced in her time with Swirling Silks. Contact the author to discuss your next custom advertising banner or flag.

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