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Big impact. Right away. Great value. That pretty much sums up why banner marketing has become such a popular way to make a big splash to a big audience. Street pole banners, portable banners, retractable displays, pop-up banners and suspended banners can deliver high-impact branding, advertising and promotion at events, trade shows, shopping centers, businesses, stores, campuses and more.

Simple Messages Make the Most Impact

An impactful banner message needs to be distinct from a distance. Use banners with simple messages to draw attention from passing traffic and people. Maybe you are trying to command attention in a crowded environment like a festival or trade show. Simple branding and concise message are what work the best. Banners can be a simple yet high-impact brand tool.

Custom high-impact outdoor advertising displays are used by many different businesses. Real estate developments and commercial properties use bright (sometimes too bright) high-visibility banners like “Now Open” or “Now Leasing” or “Space Available.” Coca-Cola uses very large vertical brand banners at events. One glance at that solid red and white high-impact branding banner and you know where to get a drink. Whether you need a stock banner or custom flag, contact Swirling Silks to request a quote.

Choosing the Right Size for Your Banners. Big. Small. Gigantic. Hanging. Custom.

Too big and a banner can feel clumsy. Too small and a banner can lack impact. Banners in a hotel lobby or airport are often meant to be experienced up close and legible while standing at a check-in desk or security. The retractable self-standing banners are popular for these situations. They are elegant, simple and can be printed with art-quality images. Banners at conferences and tradeshows often use more elaborate, higher-impact displays — often within branded exhibits. Banners of every size might be used in a trade show environment at entrances, to route visitors to key points within a facility, hanging from the ceiling or as a suspended archway to mark a section of space. Like a food court at a convention.

Removable wall banners and a set of retractables would allow a company to have a trade show exhibit that was customizable while maintaining the core brand image. Giant banners for stadiums, auditoriums, theaters, stages, museums and other big venues are available using the same modern print technology.

Be Strategic. Think About Where You Will Use Your Banners

Some banner marketing needs to work within a difficult design to feel refined and elegant. This is especially true in professional environments and offices such as hotels, resorts, and banks. Banners outside the local car wash need to do double-duty in a really tough environment (water, soap, grime, dirt, salt, rain, snow, sun, heat, cold). That needs to be a really tough banner. If that’s what you need, that banner is available and ready to show off at your car wash.

Swirling Silks has 30+ years of experience recommending custom brand banners for small-to-large events where portability and impact are unique. We help answer the questions: Who needs to use these banners? How lightweight do they need to be?

Sometimes just a simple set of brand banners can pique curiosity whereas a more elaborate — message-loaded — banner might not succeed.

Banners — You’re in Person — So Pull People in & Create Action

Every banner should have a clear purpose: Call a number, visit a website, attend a trade show event or register for something. What do you want your audience to do after they see your banner? Is it part of your banner’s branding effort?

Providing signage (such as retractable popup banners within a hospital lobby or waiting area) is where you can provide beautiful images and a lot of information. Some banners are for identification. Some are sending a message or warning.

Think of your banners as a decorator might. They can command attention and deliver information without blinking or screaming in bright orange — unless that’s what you want of course. Banks, drug stores, department stores, sporting goods stores, jewelers, theaters, and almost every industry uses banners in some way. You probably don’t realize it, but you probably encounter a dozen or more banners every single day. And as we have our daily routines, we are exposed to many of these banners multiple times a day, week or month. And that is high-value advertising, marketing and branding.

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Sue McManus

Sue’s love of color has always drawn her to vibrant flags and dynamic banners. She also has always loved the energy from community events, festivals, music happenings, etc. When Sue isn’t busy curling up with a good book, she enjoys tapping into her creativity to think beyond the outside of the box

After her first trade show, she knew a career with Swirling Silks would allow Sue to connect all of her passions. She finds joy in helping clients communicate their message, whatever it may be, with signs, lighting, vibrant colored graphics, etc. Even if she doesn’t help you create your next custom flag or custom banner, she hopes the blogs help you learn a few things she has experienced in her time with Swirling Silks. Contact the author to discuss your next custom advertising banner or flag.

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