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Flutter Flags for Real Estate, Sales Announcements and more
Real Estate & Property Sales, Entrances, Street Visibility
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Rectangular Flutter Flags
Flutter Flags for Churches, Schools and Storefronts
Flutter Flags for Churches, Schools and Storefronts

The right material + the right process = Blade Flags you’ll love!

Blade Flag Classic

The classic blade flag is still among the most popular advertising flags. They offer lots of space to make a bold statement and still have room for more detailed messages and content.

scale image or blade flags
SizeGraphic HeightGraphic WidthTotal HeightTotal WidthWeight
X-SMALL60″16.5″60″16.5″1.5 lbs
SMALL85.5″27″87″27″1.5 lbs
MEDIUM112″29.75″114″29.75″1.75 lbs
LARGE163″33.75″163″33.75″2 lbs


The teardrop flag is just fun. There are many creative ways to use teardrop advertising flags that appear welcoming and friendly. They are frequently used for property openings and sporting events.

scale image of tear drop flags
SizeGraphic HeightGraphic WidthTotal HeightTotal WidthWeight
X-SMALL60″16.5″60″16.5″1.5 lbs
SMALL85.5″27″87″27″1.5 lbs
MEDIUM112″29.75″114″29.75″1.75 lbs
LARGE163″33.75″163″33.75″2 lbs

Premium 90

When you want something a little more formal or stately than a blade flag, the Premium 90 Rectangular flag is a top-rated advertising flag used by universities, arenas, hospitals, parks and more.

scaled image or 90 flag
SizeGraphic HeightGraphic WidthTotal HeightTotal WidthWeight
X-SMALL60″16.5″60″16.5″1.5 lbs
SMALL85.5″27″87″27″1.5 lbs
MEDIUM112″29.75″114″29.75″1.75 lbs
LARGE163″33.75″163″33.75″2 lbs

Shark Fin

A popular advertising flag that is used for everything entertaining and fun. Festivals and arenas, porting events, stadiums, parks and more use Shark Fin flags to feel modern and energetic.

scaled image of shark fin flag
SizeGraphic HeightGraphic WidthTotal HeightTotal WidthWeight
X-SMALL60″16.5″60″16.5″1.5 lbs
SMALL85.5″27″87″27″1.5 lbs
MEDIUM112″29.75″114″29.75″1.75 lbs
LARGE163″33.75″163″33.75″2 lbs


What you need to know!

One-sided printed banners will show text backwards on one side which may not be desired.

One-sided printing works well for single large words that can be understood when viewed backwards. One-sided works well for images and patterns.

If messages, logos or words should not be displayed backwards, then a two-sided banner will be the right choice.

single sided pole flags showing mirror image

Image and text on one side will appear as a reverse of the printed side.

double-sided printed banner diagram

Image and text will appear correctly on both sides.


Popular Flag Materials

  • Vinyl (Many varieties)
  • Mesh – Wind resistant
  • Synthetic – Lightweight
  • Wovens / Fabrics

NEW Materials

  • Metallics
  • Fluorescent / Hi-Impact
  • Windproof
  • UV-Resistant / Sunbrella

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We can typically turn flags around in two days after proof approval. Once the artwork is approved, the flags are printed, finished and ready to ship the next day. With overnight shipping you can have your flags in as little as two business days. We offer several shipping speed options to suit your needs. In short, if you need them fast, we can get them to you fast.

Maybe is the answer. With all of Swirling Silks advertising flags we offer a pole set. Pole sets can differ from one flag to another. So if you already have a pole set, call us to confirm our flags will work with your pole hardware. Flags and flag sizes are not interchangeable across pole sets. We’ll help you get what you need.

Yes we do. We sell poles and also replaceable hardware for any of the flag types shown on website. If you don’t see what you need on the site, contact sales and we’ll get you what you need.

Many of our flags can be used in inclement weather. Generally, when they are dry, your flags can be stored folded neatly in a cool dry place. The biggest risk during storage is snagging, tearing or ripping of the flag itself. Assuming you are careful about how you store your flag you should find them durable and capable of lasting several years. Some flags can be washed. Discuss that with the Swirling Silks sales team for details.

Yes, we sell our flags as standalone items. You don’t have to buy a pole set or any accessories when purchasing a flag. To get just a flag for use with your own hardware or pole sets, contact our sales team to confirm the flag you are ordering matches up in size and mounting hardware.

Absolutely. Our professional designers will help you create your design as quickly as they can. This wait for your first revision will never be more than one business day but is typically much faster. Many of our customers contact us, have a free design and checkout all on the same day!

All of our flags can be printed single sided or double sided. For single sided flags they are printed through, meaning your design will be printed on one side of the fabric. Print through means that your design from one side will be visible from the back/unprinted side which appears like a mirror image. This means type is backwards when viewed on the second side.

For double sided flags we can print either the same design on both sides or a different one on each side (depending on your design), neither of which will be visible through the polyester due to a liner between the front and back sides. Thus, if you have two different designs you don’t need to worry about the designs conflicting with each other. In order to design double sided signs please select this as an option on our design tool and select “Back Side” to upload either the same or different file to the back side of your flag.

Like almost all other printed signage from any company, extended time in the sun will eventually cause your flag to fade.Fading will vary based on your specific use, the climate in which you live, and other environmental factors. To prevent fading, reduce the amount of sun exposure to your sign throughout its life as much as possible. This can be done by storing your flag in between uses. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t have to worry about any fading in the short term as your flags should last years with proper care.

Your custom advertising or business flags are designed for both indoor and outdoor use and can get wet and be used in the rain. They can then be air dried or even washed as needed afterwards. Please see the product pages for specific washing instructions if this is needed. However, use during rain or other weather may impact the lifespan of your flag. Although flags are suited for both indoor and outdoor use, when heavy or severe weather occurs, we recommend you take them down and store them until the weather clears. Failing to do so can result in permanent and irreparable damage to your flag and or pole set.

With proper care and maintenance you can expect the life of your flags to be 2 or more years. This also assumes that your flags are not displayed in any severe weather conditions which can permanently damage your flags.

All of the flags are usually made from 4 oz. polyester. Polyester is a great material for flags of its mix of strength and durability yet lightweight. Printing artwork on polyester also provides crisp and vibrant printing. We do offer other materials. Contact us to make sure you get the right material for your needs.

Although we don’t recommend using it in very windy situations you can try and prevent your flag from blowing away by using a ground stake or cross base with a water bag to anchor the flag while in use. Your flag should be taken down in extreme weather conditions.

There are a lot of commonly used names for what is essentially the same flag product. Typically the names are interchangeable between similarly shaped flags. You’ll hear feather, angled, teardrop, and rectangle flags. But you’ll also find these names frequently: flutter flags, blade flags, sail flags, event flags, swooper flags, bow flags, tall flags, and quill flags.

If you don’t see the shape you’re looking for please contact us to see if we are still able to offer it but don’t simply have it online yet.

We recommend uploading vector files in either .AI, .EPS, .PS, or .PDF. We also accept .JPEG, .JPG, .PNG, .GIF, .BMP, .TIFF, .TIF. Contact sales to upload a file to Swirling Silks. When using a bitmap image, we recommend a minimum resolution of 100dpi for your file uploads. We’re happy to help you make sure you get your files perfect.